Hobby Projects

Next to Project management and Game Design I am also interested in drawing and coding. I haven't done either on a professional level, but it is a fun hobby to have, and I think that doing and understanding these activities helps me in my professional life as well.


During the Overlord 1 and Overlord 2 projects I discovered that I had a knack for scripting. I liked to do it and was good at it. Later I started experimenting with php and mySQL, and made simple interactive pages with it. I still do it ocassionally, in the evenings and weekends when I have time to spare. I am not a pro, but have a good grasp on the basics and know how to make clean and understandable code.

The food database

This was made in two days as an exercise for myself. The user can add food items to the table. Each food item expires after a number of days, some faster than others. The database keeps track of this. A table of food items that have been created is displayed. Based on whether the food items are expired or not the user can choose to throw the food away or eat it.

Link to page: Food database
Download script source: Click here

The bottle bin challenge

This is a difficult algorithm that I am still working on. The challenge was this: Assume that there are 3 bins. Each bin contains a number of white, brown and green bottles. You have to try to sort all the bottles so that each bin only has one color, by moving the smallest amount of bottles as possible. The user of the site can enter a string of numbers which represent the amount of bottles of each color in each bin. The script page contains more information. The script gives output, however, I am still checking my algorithm to check if it really gives the smallest amount in each case.

Link to page: The bottle bin challenge
Download script source: Click here


I have been drawing since I was young, and doing so on a tablet since I was 16 years old. I usually start by making the drawing on paper with a pencil. Then I scan the results, and color everything in photoshop. It is not on professional artist level, but I proud enough about it to put it online!
Some pictures are based on dungeon & dragon characters, so they may look odd. Bonus points for the person Who recognizes which picture is fant of an existing comic book character (email to claim your internet points)

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