Hanneke Debie

Project Manager & Game Designer

About myself

I am Hanneke Debie, a Project manager and Game Designer I followed the course 'Game Design & Developement' at the HKU and got my bachlors degree, in 2006. In that year I started working at Triumphstudios as a level designer and have worked on the Overlord games and their expansions. During the development I also started to grow into management responsibilities. In 2011 I started working for Onetwo Gaming, intially as a Game Designer, but in a matter of months I became a project manager. I have grown to love this so much that I even do it in my spare time, assisting other people in Game projects.

This is the direction I want to continue growing in. I have been teaching myself with various scrum books and have put what I learnt into practice at my current work place, with great success.
Next to this I have also taught myself the basics of php and mySQL, and occasionally draw as a hobby.

Feel free to navigate through my page, see the projects and games I have worked on, and my script examples.